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  • Liquid Level Control and Monitoring
  • Water Purification, Water Reverse Osmosis

Liquid Level Control and Monitoring

We are manufactures of wireless & wired water Level controller and indicators in India. It has numerous types of products in commercial and industrial water Level and pump controllers. It is a new innovative and fast moving product in India. Most of the products aim is to avoid water seepage, power and water saving. Aquapro+ is the wireless water Level and pump controller which control the over flow in the OH tank and automatic controller of the Pump motor. We have both wired and wireless technologies to establish the product in new manner. It also mostly used in the RO water purification, Water Treatment and various types of liquid level control and indicators.


Water Purification, Water Reverse Osmosis

AquaPro+ is a dynamic enterprise specialized in all kinds of water purification elements such as Water Purifiers, Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, Aquapro+ Water Systems and Components like Water Filter Cartridges, Fittings, Pumps, Membranes and all the related water filter spare parts and accessories. We are proud of the fact that we can satisfy all the requirements relating to domestic water purifiers and their components in each and every corner of India. All the products meet international specifications. The products apply to the fields of domestic as well as commercial water treatment.

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