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  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Hybrid Water Heater
  • Solar Power Plant, Solar Pumps

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters Our Solar Water Heating Systems are highly efficient Solar Water Heating Systems generate power at minimal price in comparison to the non-renewable sources of energy. These are completely environmental friendly and can prevent emission and applicable in residents, bungalows, offices, hospitals, hostels, hotels etc.

System is made up of SS 316 materials. This system is suitable for more than 1000 Ltrs of feed water.


Solar Hybrid Water Heater

This system is solar with heat pump water heating method. In the day time solar water heater will work and in the night time heat pump will work. So we can provide 24 hrs hot water to your applications.


Solar Power Plant, Solar Pumps

The sun is the most abundant and the Cheapest source of energy, Yet we do not explot Potential. In these times of Depletion and Increasing Prices, The solar Energy Proves to be the Most Beneficial and the Most economical Power Solution. Some features below

  • Maximum utilization of Solar Energy
  • Energy Management Function
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking -MPPT
  • Built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation
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