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Ask for a free live demonstration at your door at a time chosen by you.
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D-FX Technologies™, Tamilnadu for the first time in India introduce "FULLY AUTOMATIC WIRELESS WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER". New era in water level controllers using RF based Wireless sensing technology.No wiring, just installs, switch on and forget, No extra wiring is needed to be done from the O.H tank sensors towards the control unit. Easy and quick installation. Our other product of Wired Water Level Controller, Electronic Solenoid Valve Based Controller and Programmable based timer controller.

D-FX Technologies™ is registered trade mark and recognized for its quality products. Is one of the pioneers in designing and developing products and solutions in the field of:

Water Tank Overflow Solutions

• Automatic Wireless Water Level Controller
• Automatic Wired Water Level Controller
• Solenoid based Wireless / Wired Water Level Controller
• Water Level Indicator and Timer

"License free frequency band for RFID operations in India"

"User Friendly Product, 10 years Magnetic Sensor Life"

"Ask for a free live demonstration at your door at a time chosen by you"

Save Water, Save Electricity, Save Earth, Save Life, Daily water filling convenience.
Problem faced by customer Aquapro+ Solutions
Are you concerned with wiring hassles
of Cost
Wireless Solution. No wiring required,
Maintains House Beauty
Do You need to go up staircase to Check
Water Level in Tank
No need to go up staircase as Water level
indication panel outside your house
Motor runs dry due to no water at source as
it is difficult to check water at source
Motor will not run dry as motor will be
switched Off automatically incase no water at source
frequently forget to Switch your motor On & Off Motor Switches on Automatically when
LOW water in tank and water available in source