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  • GSM Pump monitoring and Control
  • GSM Home Security systems
  • GSM Street Light Control

GSM Pump monitoring and Control

DFX Wireless Pump Control (GSM Pump Starter) are specifically design to operate remote located submersible pumps and motors for benefit of farmers, agriculture people and industries where wireless pump and motor control required. Our Wireless based GSM pump controller is manufactured with advanced micro controller technology and quality process. Advantages of Wireless Pump Controller.

  • User can operate pump via SMS as well as just MISSED CALL
  • GSM Technology, Reliable operation, Worldwide Connectivity
  • Low Cost, Quality and less maintenance and robust device
  • Storing Master No Thru SMS
  • SMS To Get The Status of device
  • Missed Call To Control - Motor On and Off
  • Message Alerts for Power UP, Motor On, Motor Off, and Status also.

  • Industries
  • Agricultures
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    Wireless GSM Security Systems

    DFX Security is a big challenge everywhere because thefts are increasing day by day owing to the unsafe and insecure security systems in homes, commercial complexes and industries. Several conventional technologies are available to keep home properties safe from intruders, but most common smart home security systems work on RF wireless communication. Such systems provide security from natural, incidental, intended, unintended, accidental and human made problems by continuously monitoring homes with different sensory systems like motion, smoke, gas, temperature, glass break or door break detectors and fire alarm systems.

  • If DOOR is open , Alert will DIAL To 5 Phone No's stored
  • All the commands sent thru SMS and ACK also Thur SMS and Missed call
  • Panic Switch For emergency
  • Battery Backup for up to 6 Hrs
  • Activation and Deactivation Thru SMS
  • Status check Reply Thur SMS

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    GSM Street Light Control

    The remote streetlight monitoring and control system has been applied in urban streetlight. In general, this system monitoring and control scope only reaches the streetlight transformer station. In this work, an experimental system of wireless sensor network was developed to study the feasibility for streetlight monitoring and control system. This system consists of the sensor node, the remote terminal unit and the control center. The sensor node was installed at each lamp pole and used to detect and control lamp. The remote terminal unit serves as relay station between the control center and the sensor nodes. The control center monitors and controls all streetlight real time. The hardware of sensor node and remote terminal unit was design. The software was developed for sensor node, remote terminal unit and the control center. The multi-hop used in nodes. The test results show that the system can be used for the streetlight control. The system application in streetlight can extend control scope to each lamp, reduce in streetlight electricity and maintenance cost, and increase availability of streetlight.

    GSM Network:

    GSM communication technique is used for long range communication by SMS. The long range communication is utilized between main-server and sub-server.

    Advantage of these Systems:
  • Automation of all Street Light through remote place using mobile
  • Save Energy using automatic control systems
  • Less cost to communicate
  • Less power to automate

  • Feature of these system::
  • Automatic water level controller used for vessels of pharmaceutical machinery
  • To automate Street Light error testing and debugging through mobile via SMS Communication.
  • Secure this system through GSM technologies.
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